Service Level Management

Student transportation is an incredibly complex system that ties together geographical, student, and institutional data. Even with the best software, managing a system that accurately represents on-road conditions can be an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor. We can help you so that you don't feel alone in this challenge. Our Service Level Management team can help you protect your investment by identifying deficiencies, errors, and missing data that are potential roadblocks to a successful operation.

We Help You Be Agile and Do More With Less

Let us apply our 40+ years of experience in building better transportation solutions for your community.

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    Proven Expertise

    You can rest easy in our analysis. Ҵýƽ has 40+ years of experience working with districts and transportation providers in 49 US states and 4 Canadian Provinces.

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    Data-Backed Ҵýƽ

    Your transportation system has plenty of variables. Ҵýƽ Service Level Management has the team and the software tools to assess your data, identify potential red flags, and highlight areas requiring focus.

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    Custom Projects

    Your school district has unique requirements and policies. Ҵýƽ makes sure your transportation department meets them by finding the right answers for you.

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    Dedicated Support

    We will help you get the most out of your routing software, so that you can manage your transportation department with greater confidence in your data.

We're on Your Team

Ҵýƽ has spent decades building up tools and expertise to help districts meet the challenges facing them, no matter how and why those challenges present. Contact Ҵýƽ today to see how we can help you.

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Peace of Mind

One of the benefits of investing in an Ҵýƽ system is the ability to create safe and effective routes. With our tools and expertise, we can help you achieve a more efficient and economical student transportation system. 

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    Stops and Trips

    Have more confidence when managing your student-level data, from the trips they take to the stops they are assigned to. Ҵýƽ can break down your stops and trip data to help you better understand it, and how to utilize the software to manage them effectively.

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    Runs and Routes

    Visualizing different aspects of your run data will help to fill in the big picture. It can help measure your efficiency and identify areas for improvement. We can provide additional insight into how your runs behave and reveal potential data issues.

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    Special Needs

    Special Needs Transportation is highly-individualized and subject to frequent changes that can impact accuracy. We can help you define and manage this in your Ҵýƽ dataset and gauge your district’s transportation usage throughout the day.

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    Data Assessments

    Maintaining an acceptable level of quality in your transportation data is crucial. To improve the decision-making process, a district should periodically assess the quality of its data. Understanding the complexities of transportation data can be challenging, but with some practice and the proper tools, a district can take better control of its system.

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